Augmented Reality for Art

Augmented Reality to promote Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical FAQ
Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image (here a 3D-Converted Artworks or Paintings) on a user’s view of the real world through his/her smartphone camera, thus providing a composite view. (source Oxford dictionary)

Augmented Reality for Art

Please follow those simple rules to get best Augmented Reality experience: How to get best AR experience

Most of mobile internet navigators are supported. However best experience is reached using native Chrome on Android smartphone and Safari on iOS (Apple iPhone). Samsung Internet browser also gives good results. However, Firefox, Opera or Edge browsers do not work or work poorly.

Easily in two steps:

  1. Upload Artworks pictures to be digitalized (They’ll be converted from 2D images into AR object).
  2. Download delivered scannable QR-Code pointing on 3D/Augmented Reality experience of the artwork.

You can then use this QR-Code as you wish (in your emailing, your website, printed on Business Card or flyer etc…). If you wish, we can insert the QR-Codes for you with your business card or your flyers. Check our products and services in our shop Order QR-Code. Contact-us if you want additional printing service with our partner.

Very simply. Everything is doing using their smartphone without any dedicated Apps to be installed. They just have to scan Artwork QR-Code to launch Augmented Reality experience. Then enjoy testing best places for Artworks or  Painting into their personal or professional premises.

When you or your customers scan Artworks QR-Code, they will be automatically redirected to a post/page URL where Augmented Reality experience is available for one or several artworks: It contains artwork picture, “AR Display” icon used to launch AR experience as well as information about your gallery and description of each artwork as presented below:

Augmented Reality Experience Area/Space

To get best Augmented Reality experience, you need to provide with high-quality artwork picture:

  • Flat and right-in-front picture with or without frame.
  • Under good ligthing and exposure.
  • Without flash to avoid unwanted reflections.
  • Best resolution is 1000-1500 pixels for the larger side in “jpeg” format (a bigger image will not enhance quality at the end but will slow down experience).
  • Max file size is 4MB.

Nope. Augmented Reality experience is natively supported on both Android, Samsung and Apple (iOS). No need to install any dedicated Apps.

However a recent smartphone is mandatory to get Augmented Reality supported. Any latest iPhone, Android or Samsung flagships will brings easily best AR experiences:

  • Android 7 or newer (with ARCore) (from 2018 onward)
  • Apple iOS 12 or newer (from 2019 onward)

Finally, to get best Augmented Reality experience please use preferably native mobile internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome on Android devices
  • Samsung Internet on Samsung mobiles and tablets
  • Safari on Apple devices (iOS)
  • AR is not supported with Firefox mobile internet browser
  • Experience is quite bad using Opera, Microsoft Edge or any other proprietary browser.

Yes. Various QR-Code style like rounded or dotted, with or without AR-Logo or even with your own background picture are available. So you can customize QR-Code experience for your customers and collectors. All options are explained in our Getting Started page.

Website is currently available in French and English. You have language switchers available in the header and footer. More languages will be available later.

Your subscription plan is no longer valid. Please renew your current plan or choose another one.

Commercial FAQ

PHYGITAL.AR(T) is a Digital Marketing service using Augmented Reality for Art promotion built for both Art Galleries, Artists and Online Sales Platforms. whether your are selling arts physically during artistic events, exhibitions, private viewing, in galleries, fairs, shops, etc… or digitally through website, emailing campaigns or social networks.

Phygital is the contraction of Physical and Digital. The objective is to highlight the meeting between the two worlds: The physical one with ‘bricks & mortar’ stores (galleries, shops, outlet, exhibition center, etc.) with the digital one (website, Augmented Reality, social networks, emailing, etc.)

Marketing Digital service for Art Galleries are divided in two parts:

  1. Artworks pictures conversion into 3D/AR assets with per-artwork pricing rules (with special offers according to quantity and subscribed plan).
  2. Subscription plan for an unlimited number of Augmented Reality experiences to be launched. (aka Hosting service). (except in case of full integration into your own website)

Each 3D/AR converted Artwork asset are accessible by a generated QR-code (a link/url toward AR experience). You and your customers/collectors can scan this QR-Code to launch Augmented Reality experience as many time they wish to.

There is no engagement. Your subscription plan renews automatically but you can unsubscribe at any time simply by clicking on the “cancel” button in your My Account page:

Cancel plan

In this case, all your 3D/AR assets QR-Code will be deactivated. You and your customers will no be able to launch anymore AR experience for all your artworks.

Don’t worry if you have missed a paiement by mistake. You’ll be warned several times by email before deactivation of your assets.

Yes it is. Go in your My Account page and click on button:

Update plan

You can choose another subscription plan that better suits your needs. Ideally, do this operation just before the end of your current billing period to optimize.

The answer is YES because your credit/debit card information (name, number, date, CVV etc.) are not stored on the site. Your payment information is stored only on payment provider servers who is a recognized professional in banking services since 2004: Learn more about mollie.

monthly invoice is issued. It includes both your monthly subscription and all of your QR-CODES orders for the current month (one line per order). This invoice is provided to you for Taxes & Accounting management purposes only. Its payment having been made at the time of the order by CB/VISA or similar: You do not have to pay this invoice. The normal VAT/GST rate applies for orders placed from France and the EU (incl. Monaco). No VAT/GST applicable for other countries in the world: Invoice will be issued without VAT/GST.

Only yours. Phygital.AR(T) is 100% white label service. No branding nor logo will be visible on your Artworks, QR-Code, Business Card or Flyers as well as during the Augmented Reality experience.

We are not a dehumanized self-service tool. Each digitalization are done individually by hand to provide best experience to your customers.

Whatever the issue or difficulty or question you could have, you can contact us by email or chat.

If output result of 3D/AR Artworks conversion is not optimal due to exposure or resolution or geometry issue or whatever we’ll contact you to discuss and find improvement.

QR-Codes usage KPI reporting is delivered on a monthly basis : For each active QR-Code you’ll know how many times it has been triggered/scanned. So you can measure how our solution is useful for your business.

As mentioned before, number of AR experience is unlimited for you and your customers.

However in order to save hosting capacity and reduce filesystem size, it has been decided to clean-up “old” QR-Code after 1 year maximum or earlier when painting is sold-out if you kindly inform us.

Once you have uploaded Artwork picture with related information, we will proceed to its 3D/AR conversion. Then delivered to you in My Account according to your order:

Download area

  • Simple or Stylish QR-Codes in Jpeg format to be used as you wish on any digital or print supports.
  • Simple or Stylish QR-Codes integrated in pdf format on your business card. Then you can use it as you wish on any digital or print supports.

Yes. Prints service are available as options for Business Cards. Choose the quantity (150/250/500) you need during ordering process. Printing and shipment will be manage by our external partner. Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.